The girl from Venus, TIMPACHE from Mars


There are many indie bands now. But the larger the range, the more likely it is to find something truly extraordinary. And previous experience in music is not a sign of quality. It all depends on the idea and the talant. And the main thing is charisma for the artist. “TIMPACHE” (ТИМПАЧЕ) – the combination of youth and freshness of creative ideas.
“Girl from Venus”(Дівчина з Венери) is the second clip of TIMPACHE. Dedicated to first love, but it is talking about current love.
Creativity in love, or love in creativity? The clip consists of two of these parts. The boys sing about their first love experiences. About how their love became creative. About the girls they loved in kindergarten, but never dared to open feelings. And backstage, the girls have already decided to transfer creativity to love. The sound engineer and cameraman start a love affair and meet the first sunset on the freeway.
The moral is that if you love, confess your love in a kindergarten, and be sure to sing.
P.S If you do not want to separate your career from your personal life, start a relationship right at work.

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