Much water or many musicians?

 Mnogo Vody agency mercilessly “retrained” at the label. The first project as a label was the release of the single of other debutants – Ukrainian indie rock band TIMPACHE .
Young Ukrainian INDI-rock band TIMPACHE is representing the «Птахи»(Birds) single from the upcoming album, that was to be released in 18th October.
The TIMPACE sound is energetic and technical. In the new album, the musicians prepared guitar hits about the tumultuous life of young people: stories about drive parties, club romance and “dangerous” nighttime adventures.
You can watch a black and white clip about summer and romance on the shore of a forest lake on the single «Птахи»”Birds”. Releasing video along with the track has become a good tradition. The film director was Kirill Svetashov, who used creative inspiration from the work of photographers such as Sally Mann and Jock Sturges.
“In the video, I wanted to focus not on time, era or fashion, but focus on the emotions that arise when listening to the track. We live in the city and think about time, but we don’t pay attention to how nature speaks to us, ”the director notes.
Click on the video at the bottom of the link.

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