Ukrainian singer Marina Krut as the angel in a new video

The world had ears and eyes.
The world listened to our conversations and saw our thoughts.
And he spoke to man through people.
Yes, we had ears, but we didn’t listen. And they couldn’t talk to each other.
So sometimes the world hurt us to teach our mouth to speak, to see our eyes,
and our ears hear the quiet whisper of the world to us.
Love endures for a long time, love does not pass away and does not leave.

Ukrainian version (original)

Світ мав вуха і очі.
Світ слухав наші розмови і бачив наші думки.
І говорив до людини через людей.
Та ми мали вуха, але не слухали. І не вміли говорити один із одним.
Тому інколи світ робив нам боляче, щоб навчити уста говорили, очі побачити,
а вуха почути тихий шепіт світу до нас.
Любов довго терпить, любов не минає і не покидає.

In October, singer-songwriter Marina Krut presented the Albino mini-album. In support of the disc, a tour of Ukrainian cities began immediately, ending with a concert in Kyiv on November 17. At the end of the albino tour, Marina Krut presented a video for one of the album’s most lyrical songs – “Tell Me”.
The video is the lively cover of the album – Marina Krut as an angel-albino, embodying the human soul, which seeks its way and finds it rising above the sky.
This is a song – a monologue, a confession of man to God, a confession before him.
“Someone calls him Jesus, someone calls him Buddha, Allah, the cosmos, or whatever. However, the name does not change the name. I am not a religious person, but I believe in God. When I wrote this song, I had a turning point in my life. It was not easy for me. But I felt constant invisible support and I could feel what people call God, ”says Marina Krut.
It is not by chance that the chorus sounds at the end of the song, because this song is about everyone.

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