The Great Gatsby Ballet Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of Ballet

The Great Gatsby Ballet Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of Ballet. The first performances will take place in Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin), and on November 02 the capital’s audience will again plunge into the history of Ukrainian ballet with world fame.
Music by Konstantin Meladze and Yuri Shepety, staged by choreographer Dwight Rodin, the lead role in Dennis Matviyenko’s performance, and the always up-to-date Francis Fitzgerald story about a poor guy’s lover, who at the price of paying too long for loyalty. These are the Basics of the Ukrainian project, which has conquered the whole world – from Cannes and Paris to Geneva and Vienna.
The show’s helper producer, Alexander and Alexei Field, continue to refine their skin show product. So, on November 02, Alina Pash will perform on stage of the Palace of Ukraine together with the Dancer. She will perform a vocal part in ballet.
The producers of the show explain the choice of the stage:
“We like to impress the viewer. We think no one could imagine that it was Alina Pash who became the voice of The Great Gatsby. Beautiful, talented, passionate and rebellious at heart – Fitzgerald wrote about such girls himself in his Novel. That’s Alina Pash. ”
Designer Ivan Frolov created the costumes for the anniversary show. In brand DNA, institutions have the concept of intelligent provocation that fully reflects the Great Gatsby Age. Courage and sensuality, sexuality and disability are reflected in every detail. Weightless translucent fabrics, spectacularly embroidered with shimmering stones, cheeky mini and sensual sconces, Sexy gloves and garters – that’s how ballet costumes designer Ivan Frolov see.
The Great Gatsby is a phenomenal blockbuster dance that combines classical ballet art choreography, contemporary dance, cinema and musical elements.

Project participants
Konstantin Meladze and Yuri Shepet – composers
Dwight Rodin is a director-choreographer
Denis Matvienko – executor of the main party
Alexander and Alexei Field – producer of the project

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