ADAM sang about the aesthetics of a woman’s body

New single “On the body” of the neo soul group ADAM has been released. The track should be part of ADAM‘s third #IzMani studio album.
The song is dedicated to the beauty of a woman’s body. ADAM’s frontman Misha Klimenko shares the intimate memory that inspired him to create the track: “One fall morning, waking up to my sweetheart, I was lying in a white bed and enjoying the beauty of her body under the rays of the September sun. At that moment, I was born with the text “On the body”, and a week later we recorded a song in the studio. “
New #IzMani album is not written yet. It should be improvised during the concerts that ADAM plans to hold. “We will write the third album during the performances, in the truest sense of the word. – share musicians. “There will be improvisations at each of our upcoming concerts, which will later become songs for the new album.” The band will perform in three cities: Odessa (October 19), Dnipro (October 26) and Kyiv (November 3).

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